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If you want to increase brand strength, you need more Instagram views on your Instagram brand page. The quickest way is to buy Instagram views which will be credited instantly to your account increasing your brand reputation and social proof.

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It can take up to 10 minutes for Instagram video views to fully complete delivering.

Instagram Likes with fast delivery can be purchased for videos as well.

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Views on Instagram can improve your brand’s engagement numbers. When you buy Instagram views you get more engagement on your profile which means more reputation. Instagram views are a good metric to measure your success.

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Instagram launched this new feature called “Instagram Video Views” in February 2016. We have this service available since the beginning of March, which makes us the first company online offering this service.

We always do our best to stay on top of updates and are therefore the quickest, easiest and most reliable source for your Instagram needs. With instant delivery (max 30 seconds after payment), this is definitely the fastest delivery time out there! Our servers are online 24/7, so there are no wait-times, anytime.

Why should I buy Instagram Views?

Nowadays, if you have Videos on Instagram, it will display a view counter. This shows how many people have watched your videos. Loops count as just 1 view. The view counter is not (yet) available on the Instagram web version, but it does display inside the mobile application.

It is a feature that Instagram released in February 2016. Only Instagram Videos show views, not photos. A video’s view count shows the views from within the mobile Instagram app, thus not from the desktop (web). View counts only show up on Instagram videos that are uploaded after 19 November 2015.

Get more views for increased engagement for your brand

Are you struggling to get enough views on your page? Are you worried that some of your best posts are not being viewed by your target audience? Considering that there are millions of Instagram accounts today, getting views shouldn’t really be a problem. However, because the amount of new content on Instagram refreshes on a second-to-second basis, it’s impossible for all of that content to be viewed simultaneously. Hence, the problem of insufficient views can hamper your brand’s reputation and also affect its credibility. A page that has a large number of views is generally considered a popular brand that can be trusted, because so many people considered its content good enough to view. Step one is to create engaging and unique content that truly reflects the values and USPs of your brand. Step two is to ensure that your views are sufficient enough to reap the intended results of such content.

Not just that, more views can also translate into more brand recognition and presence. If you’re looking to position your brand in a digital market and distinguish yourself from your competitors, then you will have to generate more views on your posts, and that number must see an increase with time. Now, instead of wasting a lot of time waiting for your views to generate organically, you could take a proactive step forward and buy your Instagram views. This is a completely safe process that shows results in just a matter of minutes, and your views will increase without fail. How well your brand performs on a dynamic platform like social media has a lot to do with how many people are actually viewing and being impacted by the content you put out there. There are brands that have risen to fame in a matter of days, simply because their viewership and followers had also increased in a very short span of time.

Are Views a replacement for Likes?

Definitely not. Views are something completely different than Likes. “Instagram Views” are not a replacement for “Instagram Likes”
Buy instagram Views
Firstly, photos on Instagram do not show/have Views at all. The level of popularity on Instagram is still judged by the number of Likes and Followers.

Also, you will still need Likes on your Instagram Videos in order to make them look good. The number of Likes on Videos are still being displayed, on both the mobile app, as well as the web-version.